Customer Acquisition

Turning Enquiries into New Customers

Our team specialises in selling. Using data about enquiries made on webchat, inbound telesales enquiries or apps our brilliantly trained team make follow-up contact with your customers. 

Our team is fully trained in your brand and proposition – using their skills and knowledge they can follow up with the customer to understand their needs and present the benefits of the proposition that best meets their needs.

Delivering Brilliant Customer Service:

An Authentic Extension of Your Brand

At our core, we don’t just provide customer service; we become an integral part of your brand. 

Our skilled team immerses themselves in understanding your brand, values, and unique selling points. We tailor training programs to equip our team with the skills and information needed to represent your brand brilliantly. In every interaction, we prioritise customer satisfaction, building trust and loyalty.

Making the most of every opportunity

Abandoned Basket Recovery

When browsing, if customers don’t make the final step to purchase, we step in. Our team re-engages, understanding what brought them to your website in the first place, addressing concerns, explaining offers and selling the benefits and helping them complete their purchase if that’s appropriate.

Creating Lasting Relationships:

Customer Retention

Keeping existing customers happy is crucial. When a customer considers leaving, we can speak to them to find out why. 

Using the skills learned during training, our team ask the right questions to understand the reasons and concerns, and promote the benefits of remaining as a customer. Our team offer brilliant service, creating a positive experience for the customer which will strengthen the bond and promote loyalty.

Adding Value

Sell Up & Add-On

Upselling and cross-selling are powerful techniques. We identify opportunities to enhance customers’ experiences by suggesting complementary products or upgrades. 

Using the skills learned during training, and the latest information about your proposition we can match the customer’s needs to the best option available.