Starting a new job with us

Sending a job offer is just the start. We understand that those initial days in a new role shape the future, and we make sure our new team members feel supported and integrated into our team from day one.

In the first few weeks, new joiners get involved in both training and social activities, allowing them to fully learn the job and immerse themselves in our culture. And when they’re fully prepared, they transition to handling phone calls, all the while receiving ongoing guidance and feedback from their dedicated Team Leader.

Beyond formal training, we know how important it is to build strong relationships within the team. That’s why we incorporate social events to help our new team members form personal and professional connections. From a casual check-in on their first day to a relaxed get-together for drinks on day four, and a fun-filled donut day on day ten, each touchpoint is carefully crafted to foster a supportive and inclusive environment. These interactions not only help us gauge how our new recruits are adjusting but also set the tone for a work environment where hard work and fun go hand in hand.

Our commitment doesn’t end there. We maintain regular check-ins at 4, 8, and 12 weeks, ensuring ongoing support and feedback to help everyone be the best they can and celebrate successes. From the outset, we create a culture of openness and continuous improvement. With this approach, we eliminate surprises and ensure that everyone has everything they need to thrive.


What we're looking for

You don’t need years of experience or a sales guru status to work with us – enthusiasm, dependability and openness to learning are the things we value most. If you want to work in a fun and energetic environment where every day is an opportunity to grow and succeed keep reading…

We love to work with great people. Show us your reliability and commitment, and we’ll pay you well and promote you when you’re doing a great job. We’ll teach you everything you need to know to be brilliant at your job, and we’ll provide a supportive environment where your line manager will always be there to coach you to get better every day. We’re committed to giving everyone who works with us both personal and professional development.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

We believe everyone deserves a seat at our table, and we’re proud of the diversity in our team.

We talk to customers from all walks of life every day, and it’s crucial to us that our team reflects this diversity too. When we’re hiring, we’re looking for people with the right attitude: eager to learn and reliable. We’re committed to never discriminating against anyone because of their disability, gender identity, marital status, pregnancy, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or economic background.

What really matters to us is that everyone in our team brings their A-game to work, is dependable, and collaborates with us to serve our clients, their customers, and our business well.


We place complete trust in our training process, and we won’t ask you to speak to a single customer until you’ve been fully trained. For every campaign, we craft a customised training programme – we call it ‘Riverhouse’ and each campaign has its own Riverhouse. At the foundation of our Riverhouse, there are some basic personality principles that can’t be taught – you bring them with you.

We concentrate on honing the skills essential for success, structured across four progressive levels. Even at the beginner level, agents learn the necessary skills to meet key performance indicators (KPIs), with each subsequent level unlocking additional capabilities.

While Riverhouse is designed so you’ll be successful at work, you’ll learn lots of skills that will be useful in your personal life too.   


As well as our Riverhouse programme, our team leaders, quality assurance and customer experience teams measure how well we’re doing against our KPIs. They understand the process completely, and they use detailed information gathered on call listening to provide quality feedback for team leaders to use in 1-2-1s and coaching sessions.

Every coaching conversation is recorded and tracked on our Intranet, and every agent can see clearly on their dashboard how they’re doing and make commitments and set goals.

Continuous Improvement

Real time tracking of performance

Our Intranet system gives the teams access to track their progress through the required training. It also gives us a digital sign off to any compliance training so that we can accurately record completion.

Because the Intranet provides real-time reporting, there are no surprises and when our team needs extra support, their Team Leader is there – providing coaching, setting goals and offering additional training when it’s needed.

Career Development

People generally join our team as a sales executive and go through the Riverhouse programme. Once they ‘graduate’ their journey continues and we create clear career paths so that the teams know how they can continue to learn and build a great career with SCO.

In different roles, we’ve created pathways for our teams’ growth. From automatic promotions and increased earning opportunities, to opening new career paths in training, leadership or support functions. Getting the best from our people is good for them and good for us – many of our support team started their careers with us on the phones and because they have that direct experience it helps them make great decisions to support our operation.

Our development programme helps our teams transition to other roles as well as giving our teams vital life skills.

Looking For Your Next Career?

Explore our current list of vacancies:

Telesales Executive

£17,888-£23,795.20 Basic Salary + UNCAPPED BONUS
Full time positions currently available

Business Development Manager

£24,004.80-£54,017.44 Basic Salary + UNCAPPED BONUS
Full time positions currently available

Employee Testimonials

  • SCO is full of incredible people! The company values progression and gives you the opportunity to do so in a supportive and fun environment.

    Business Development Manager
  • In just 17 months and have worked my way up from Sales Executive to Sales Team Leader. I’ve now been her over 4 years and I love the clear progression opportunities at the company

    Team Leader
  • After being at SCO for 8 months I have already progressed from a Telesales Executive to a Business Development Manager. The support that you receive is incredible

    Business Development Manager
  • I’ve worked at SCO for 4 years and I am so grateful for the amazing people and atmosphere. The company values your wellbeing & growth and the management team is helpful & understanding.

    Business Development Manager