Our Leadership Team

We have an experienced, owner led, leadership team. When you work with us, we take time to get to know your business and our team will want to get to know yours.

We are proud to have a strong and experienced management team – many of whom joined us as agents, or more junior roles and have grown within SCO into the leadership roles they now hold.

Developing this team in-house means they can lead with the confidence and understanding of the jobs that the team here are doing – they can make decisions from a position of experience, and they can provide coaching using their own experiences. Because of their vast experience, our leadership team are credible with the teams they lead and they provide inspiration, demonstrating our commitment to help people to achieve their full potential.

Over the last year we have added additional strength in the leadership team with some key appointments who bring large scale corporate experience with them. Read more below about some of the people who lead our team…

Declan Shilton


When I started Step Change Outsourcing back in 2009, I saw an opportunity to help businesses make more of the opportunities they had by using data, analytics, and the skills of a well-trained team. Since then, we have been putting this into practice and have developed a model that delivers brilliant results for the clients we work with. We have been working with some of the best-known brands in the UK for over 14 years and have firmly established ourselves as experts in subscription and membership businesses.

I am proud of what we have achieved, and the team that we work with. In the last few years, we have established our credentials as experts and we have a scalable model that works; and now we are ready and excited to grow.

We’re confident that with our combination of data analytics, process and quality assurance, delivered by our highly trained experts that we can help you maximise every opportunity and grow your business. 


Dec, CEO, 2019

Katharine Shilton

Chief Customer Officer

I have been with SCO for five years now. I’m responsible for defining and leading the sales support strategy and all those people that work tirelessly to deliver it. That includes our HR function, Customer Experience, Marketing, Communications, Training and Governance.

I love the fast paced, dynamic environment. I also love watching those people who join us with little or no experience, grow their careers with us and reach their potential.

Steve Hunt

Sales Operations Director

I lead the awesome team who provide value for our clients and ensure customer satisfaction. We’re proud that we have a proven track record of delivering against our KPIs and working closely with our customers to make sure we are making the most of every opportunity to grow their business.

I love the fast paced and dynamic environment we work in. I love to see people join our team learn and thrive in a supportive team where opportunities for personal and professional development are available every day.

Jonathan West

Client Development Director

I joined SCO in 2023 to help develop the business. I meet with business leaders, big and small, to find out if there are opportunities to help them achieve their goals by using our specialised skills and expert team to help them win and retaining customers. 

Our area of expertise is in subscription and membership businesses and we have a long track record of exceeding customer expectations in this area. If you think we might be able to help, or if you just want to find out more, message me and I’ll buy you a coffee.

Beth Jones

Planning, Governance & Communications Director

I’ve been with SCO for over seven years now. I am responsible for communication, governance, planning and implementation. 

I am also responsible for managing our accreditations – conducting business in the right way is a core value for us, and it’s my responsibility to ensure we uphold the highest standards while continuously looking for ways to improve our practices. My job is varied and I love that I get to work across every part of our business.

Tyler Hewitt

IT, MI and Reporting Manager

I joined SCO in 2019 as a Telesales Executive and now I oversee the development, implementation and main maintenance of information technology systems and management information reporting. 

It’s my job to deliver accurate and timely delivery of reports that inform strategic decisions. My job allows me to use a blend of technical expertise, strategic planning, and leadership skills.

Cherrelle Rutter

Customer Experience and HR Lead

I joined SCO in 2019 as a Quality Executive before progressing to my current role where I lead on Customer Experience and HR. I oversee the effective running of our HR department – employee relations, adherence to policy and process, ensure we are abiding to Employment Law.

I am also our Customer Experience Manager and it’s my job to make sure we meet client KPI’s for all areas of quality. SCO has a diverse and inclusive culture and I love being able to support our teams grow and develop.

Rhys May

Dialler Manager

I joined SCO back in 2010 as a Telesales Executive and now I’m responsible for all dialler operations. 

I am right at the heart of the business and every day presents different challenges and opportunities – I enjoy thinking of them as puzzles just waiting to be solved.

Luke Shilton

Recruitment Manager

I have been working with SCO since 2018 as the recruitment manager. It’s my responsibility to make sure we recruit the right people for the right jobs at the right time. We make sure we have a talent pool we can engage with when we need to bring new people into our team. 

At SCO the people make everything work and I love playing such an important role in recruiting team members with the right mindset, safe in the knowledge that we will give them all the opportunities, support and development to achieve their full potential.


Darren Yeend

Operations Manager

I have been with SCO since 2013 – originally I joined the team as a sales agent and now I am an Operations Manager responsible for the day to day running of some of our key campaigns.

I work closely with our clients to make sure they’re happy and I am responsible for delivering (and exceeding!) our KPIs. SCO is a place where you can reach your full potential – there are so many opportunities to progress and the support and development is always available to help everyone to be the best they can be.

Jordan Gibbs

Training Manager

I joined SCO in 2014 as a Telesales Executive, and I am now the Training Manager, responsible for creating and delivering the training content we use, giving our teams the skills, knowledge and support they need to do their job brilliantly. 

I get great pleasure seeing the people who join us learn and grow in confidence. Our culture sets us apart – it’s a place where everyone gets all the support they need to achieve their full potential and be the best they can be.