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Lunch with Our CEO: A Recipe for Connection and Insight

May 2024

We believe that the best ideas don’t always emerge from formal meetings or meticulously crafted PowerPoint presentations. Sometimes, they come from informal and unplanned conversations. We have recently launched lunch sessions where Dec invites our team members to join him for an hour for an informal chat over lunch.

We’re proud to be supportive to everyone who works in our team, and over the lunch table titles fade away. Dec intentionally keeps these gatherings informal. It’s a chance to hear from people across the business – Inclusion isn’t just a buzzword for us —it’s our DNA.

As well as bringing topics to the table, the guests got to hear about what’s on Dec’s mind, how he sees the future of outsourcing – no topic is off limits. At lunch, the filters come off. We discuss everything—from campaigns to weekend hobbies. No PowerPoint slides, no rehearsed speeches. Just real talk. And sometimes, the juiciest ideas emerge when we least expect them.

Our next Lunch with the CEO sessions will be held early next year – the invites will be issued as part of our Long Service Scheme following our annual conference, for anyone who has 2 years tenure or more. In the meantime, our team has access to our Employee Suggestion Scheme which is available 24/7.