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Celebrating 14 Years of Growth and Resilience: Looking Back, Looking Forward

September 2023

14 years ago, fuelled by passion and determination, we embarked on a journey to build something meaningful. As we celebrate our 14th year we look back on the milestones, challenges, and triumphs that have shaped us into the thriving business we are.

From humble beginnings in a small office, we started with a few dedicated teammates, and a vision that burned brighter than the fluorescent lights. We started with grit, late nights, and a belief that we could create something special that delivered real results for our clients.

Fast forward to today, and our team has grown. We now stand tall with over 100 talented individuals — each bringing their best, using the skills we teach them, adding their own perspectives, and unwavering commitment to make our clients’ customers happy. From agents to quality control, technical support to HR, we’re a diverse family united by a common purpose.

In 2020 the pandemic nearly took our feet from under us, testing our resilience. But we didn’t falter. We adapted. We flexed our business model, ensuring that every decision safeguarded our teammates and continued to deliver for our clients. Together, we weathered the storm, emerging stronger and more united.

In 2023, we hosted our first ever conference—an event that brought our team together as one for the first time ever. We shared our plans and fuelled our passion.

And then we took flight – literally! In 2023 there was the unforgettable companywide trip. We boarded the plane and bonded over a few Pina Coladas.

As we blow out the 14 candles on our metaphorical cake, we look ahead. Our commitment remains unwavering: to invest in our people, be the best we can, create value for our clients and make their customer happy.

To our teammates – past and present – and our clients, thank you. You’ve been part of our story, and we’re privileged to have you by our side. Here’s to 14 more years of growth, resilience, and making a difference.

If you want to find more about working with us or being part of our team, have a look at our careers page or contact us.