Welcome Bonus

How the scheme works

Our Welcome Bonus is applicable to all new roles who join us at Step Change Outsourcing.
This scheme allows our new employee to earn a guaranteed bonus, up to the value of £1000 across the first 3 months of employment.

  • During the new outbound sales employees first 3 months, we will guarantee that the minimum bonus you receive is £333.33 per month
  • The Welcome Bonus guarantees a bonus of £333.33 for the employees first 3 months and therefore acts as a top up should the employee earn less in any of the first 3 months.
  • Should the employee earn greater than the value of £333.33 for any of the first 3 months, then they will receive the total bonus earned

Qualifying Criteria

  • You must still be an employee of Step Change Outsourcing when this bonus is payable
  • You must attend work every day other than when you are on annual leave
  • Any unauthorised absence days will remove the guarantee for the month in question and therefore the Welcome Bonus top up will not be issued

Please note that payments made in accordance with this scheme are subject to tax and national insurance deductions in the usual way.